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Ford Brake Pad Replacement in Castle Rock, CO

Ford Brake Pad Replacement Information from the Castle Rock Ford Service Center

The brakes are certainly the most important safety feature on any car. Even vehicles with sophisticated automatic emergency braking technology rely on the brakes to bring your vehicle safely to a stop. Over time, the brake pads will wear down and require replacement. Worn out brake pads can not only increase your stopping distance, but they can ultimately cause damage to other parts of the braking system. Instead, get high-quality OEM Ford brake pads installed on your vehicle regularly at Castle Rock Ford. We’ll help preserve the safety and performance of your car so it always drives like new and stops with confidence.

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Why Do I Need My Brake Pads Replaced Regularly?

Over time, the friction material on your brake pads will wear down. The brake pads squeeze against the rotating brake rotors, providing the friction and resistance that ultimately stops your car. As the friction material wears down, the bare metal of the brake pad’s backing can become exposed. Worn out brake pads can cause damage to the brake rotors. That’s why it’s important to replace the brake pads on your vehicle before they wear down to the bare metal.


How Often Do I Need To Replace My Brake Pads?

Consult the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual to find out what’s recommended for your specific vehicle. For example, in the 2018 Ford F-150 owner’s manual, Ford recommends having the brake pads inspected and measured during every oil change service. Generally speaking, brake pads should last roughly 30,000 - 70,000 miles on your car.


How Do I Know When My Brake Pads Need to Be Replaced?

Instead of relying on mileage, a technician should regularly measure the friction material on your brake pads. When the remaining friction material wears down to 4 mm thick or less (about ¼ inch), it’s time to get them replaced. You may also detect a squeaking or squealing noise under braking as the brake pads near the end of their service life. Many modern brake pads feature a small metal tab that will squeak to alert you that the brake pads are worn out.

Ford Brake Pad Replacement Service


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Whether you need new brake pads on your Ford or any other critical maintenance, trust the experts at Castle Rock Ford! Our factory-trained technicians will provide you with the finest service available for your Ford vehicle. Since we use genuine OEM brake pads, you can count on a perfect fit from brake pads made specifically for your Ford model, so you get confident, quiet stopping performance. For brake pad replacement, stop by our service centeror enjoy express service in the Ford Quick Lane. Or, for any major service, just make a service center appointment right here on our website.


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